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welcome to tarangire National park.

A short drive from Arusha, the Tarangire National Park offers a fantastic game-driving experience all year round.

In the wet season, the park’s swamps and waterholes are home to cape buffalo and elephants but come into their own when the dry season forces its animal population to move closer and closer to the Tarangire River.
Home to Tanzania’s largest population of elephants, Tarangire is the best place to see these gentle giants in their natural habitat from the adorable calves up to the intimidating bulls. It is also an ideal place to snap photos of the baobab tree (the Tree of Life), as it grows in great numbers throughout the park. Tarangire is also the best place to see the fringed-eared oryx, greater kudu, and ashy starling in the wild.

Tarangire is a particularly enchanting prospect for birdwatchers, with a massive 550 species of bird calling the park home. These range from the sizable ostrich and Kori bustard all the way down to tiny weavers and warblers.

Predators such as the lion and leopard also call the park home, and lucky visitors might get to see these ferocious hunters in action as the dry season forces herbivores to move closer and closer to the Tarangire River.

Like near Lake Manyara, Tarangire is a perfect starting or finishing point for a trip through the Northern Circuit.

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