Here is where you get to witness the famous world show of “wildebeest migration”, it is among the World Heritage Site, biosphere reserve and one of the New seven wonders of Africa. This endless open plains indeed offers the most dazzling game viewing not only in Tanzania but Africa and the whole wide world. The perplexing ecosystem in these park will sure take your breath away.

What To Do:Game drive, balloon safaris,short nature hiking, walking safaris, photographic safaris, camping,bush meal and historical and cultural visit.

Tanzania’s most seasoned national park is likewise one of the world’s best-known wildlife asylums. At 14,763 sq. Kms, Serengeti is second in size just to Ruaha National Park and is absolutely a standout amongst Tanzania’s most valuable gems. The Serengeti is home to the world’s biggest and most fabulous wildlife migration, at the pinnacle of which it contains the biggest grouping of well-evolved creatures on earth. Flanking Ngorongoro toward the south and southeast, Kenya’s Maasai Mara toward the North, Maswa Game Reserve toward the west and southwest, Loliondo Game Reserve toward the east and coming to inside 8km of Lake Victoria toward the North West, any safari here guarantees wildlife in abundance, particularly when the yearly relocation of fields game and their going to predators is in living arrangement. Serengeti is derived from the Maasai word “Siringet” which means unlimited fields. As of late asserted the seventh overall miracle, Serengeti owes its unbelievable distinction to the yearly 800km movement of over 2.5 million animals, framing segments of animals up to 40kms long! The migration offers visitors with a standout amongst nature’s most amazing showcases, one in which the ever vigilant predators have indispensable influence.

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