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Ruaha National Park enjoys only one rainy season, usually from the end of November to May with annual average rainfall ranging from 500 to 800mm. The park is located at an altitude between 750 and 1868 meters

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Welcome to Ruaha National Park

This Largest remote park is found in southern Tanzania The convergence of vegetation zone in this huge Park has resulted in unusual combination of animals ,Particularly Greater and Lesser Kudu, together with sable and roan antelopes in the Park a feature that is not found in other National Park in the country. Key animals found in Ruaha National Park includes elephant ,zebra, lion, giraffe, hunting dog, ostrich, greater and lesser kudu, grants gazelles, striped hyena, sable and roan antelopes, crocodile and hippos mainly in Ruaha River. More than 540 species of birds have been recorded in this Park.

This is by far the largest national park in East Africa. Here is where you can almost witness the entire cast of the Tanzania savannah show, since Ruaha combines the acacia savanna and miombo woodlands of South Africa it hosts an unusually high diversity of elegant wildlife species. It is one of the only two parks that host roan and sable antelope and for those fans of the greater kudu, this is a place for you. With more than 500 bird species, whether it is a game drive or a short evening walk with Face of AfricaAdventures Ruaha will not let you down.

With vast open fields of savannah sprinkled with watering gaps and many different trees and shrubs, Ruaha is one of the biggest and most energizing National Parks in Tanzania. However, in spite of its size, this natural marvel has a shockingly low footfall because of the way that it is moderately difficult to get to.

 All through the park skeletal baobabs and undulating hills highlight normally doing their bit to make the landscape here as changed and beautiful as could reasonably be expected. The lifeline of this park is, unmistakably, the Great Ruaha River that keeps running along its southern outskirt. Wild rushes here as a group as it is the most solid wellspring of water during the drier months of the year, making it simple to work out where to discover the huge number of animals that call this park home. Elephant enthusiasts can in for a treat here as the park has the biggest number of them in all of Tanzania with almost 12,000 meanderings through the zone. Visitors can likewise hope to see gazelles, lions, giraffes, and cheetahs. From the banks of the waterway, crocodiles and screen reptiles can regularly be viewed as can a few species of fish. Flying overhead are more than 500 different species of feathered creatures, including various huge winged creatures of prey. As far as wildlife, there can be no doubt that the mystery diamond that is Ruaha National Park is one of the greatest parks in all of Tanzania. While most camps work driving visits to see the game, there are some that will take visitors on strolling, giving the game viewing a substantially closer feel

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