“This is Loveliest lake than you could ever see anywhere Africa” atleast Ernest Hemmingway acknowledged that! And he might have been right. Laying at the Rift Valley escarpment with shorelines coloured pink by thousands of flamingos indeed it a true African germ you should not miss. When it comes to wildlife the Park will not disappoint you, apart from famous tree climbing lion, spotting herds of elephants, zebras, caracals, leopards, serval cats , cheetah, buffalos, wildebeest, warthog, baboons, many kinds of antelopes and maasai giraffe whose males happen to be interesting with their darker skins compared to giraffe from other park will simply wow you.

Presumably, Tanzania’s most beautifully set national park, Lake Manyara extends for 50km along the foot of the Great Rift Valley’s western escarpment. It is additionally one of Tanzania’s smallest National parks, covering 330 sq. km, of which up to 200 sq km is lake when water levels are high however its fluctuated shoreline environments cover a wide assortment of animals, including elephants, great runs of flamingo, hippos and the eminent tree-climbing lions. Lake Manyara National park is best known for its enormous elephant populace and tree-climbing lions yet you will likewise have the option to see huge crowds of wild oxen, hippos, impalas, waterbucks, giraffes just as zebras together with gatherings of reedbucks and warthogs. The timberland just as the open zones is possessed by vervet monkey though the blue monkeys just remain in the verdant woodland. You will likewise observe reptiles unwinding on the banks of the stream. Furthermore, don’t pass up the mongooses that occupy the matured termite hills.

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