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Queen Elizabeth

National Park

Welcom to Queen Elizabeth National Park

The most popular park in the whole of Uganda, Queen Elizabeth National Park’s spectacular scenery and abundant wildlife make it a firm favorite with visitors to the country. With over 500 different types of bird flitting and flying around the park, it is a paradise for bird watchers and Maramagambo Forest is the perfect place in which to view them.

A wide array of primates also call the forest their home and walking along the trails with chimpanzees swinging off to the side of the paths is an unforgettable experience. The beautiful waterways on offer such as Lake George and Lake Katwe Crater are delightful to explore by boat and drifting on their tranquil waters is a dreamy affair.

Despite these thrilling attractions, the prime draw of the park are the large mammals that roam its ever-changing terrain. Lions, hippos, elephants, leopards and more make their way around the volcanic features of Queen Elizabeth National Park, perfectly at home in this natural wonder that is just waiting to explored.

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