Stone Town Zanzibar

Depart from your Hotel at 9 Oclock

We will start our journey of exploring the cities majestic history and multiculturalism.

Our first stop will be the fruit market, which opened in 1904, with its variety of tropical fruits and spices. This will be followed by visiting the Anglican Cathedral at Mkunazini, which was built in 1874 on the site of the former slave market.

The guide will tell you about the cities slave history and show you the place where slaves were auctioned. Our next stop will be the National Museum of Zanzibar, which is also referred to as the Peace Memorial Museum. The museum holds a wide collection of the island’s natural history and artifacts. Then we will walk to the Forondhani Gardens, where you will see the former British Consulate, a place where explorers such as Dr. Livingston and Stanley came for administrative matters before explorations.

We will also explore the Old Fort, which is situated few meters away, and the tallest building in Zanzibar, House of Wonders, which was built by the Sultan as a ceremonial and administrative building. With a refreshing walk in the narrow streets we will explore the old houses, most of which are older than 150 years. We will complement our trip with a visitation of Dr. Livingston House. An entry fee is required for the museum. The last stop of our excursion will be Marahubi where we will see the Ruins of Sultan Barghash’s Palace.

Stone Town Zanzibar Quick facts

Stone Town is the cultural heart of the island and the old city area of Zanzibar City, located on the western shore. The city got its name from the many big multistory buildings made of stone which form the landscape of the old town part. This buildings are actually not made of stone, but with mortar and corals. Although the corals were a good and easily available building material, they are also easily damageable.

Some of the houses are in a bad shape and the Stone Town Conservation Authority co-ordinates the restorations of this houses to maintain the towns original glory. The city still retained its old style from the 19th century, when Zanzibar was an important trading center in the Indian Ocean. It is a town of large bazaars, mosques, winding and narrow alleys, and large Arab houses, with two cathedrals and over 50 mosques.

Stone Town is a World Heritage Site. Stone Town is destination in Zanzibar tourist wont regret, nor forget. The touristic infrastructure has immensely expanded. Accommodations are available in all price ranges, from backpacker hostels to the most luxurious hotels.

The transportation to and from the Island is modern. You can travel by Ferry, and the international airport is only 5 km away.

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