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What to expect

Marangu is one of the most popular starting points for anyone who wants to climb Kilimanjaro, and THE place to be if you want to learn more about Chagga culture and history. So let’s go!


Marangu cultural tour, coffee experience and waterfall - day trip




You’ll be picked up in Moshi in the morning and enjoy a private transport to Marangu, which is about an hour from Moshi. The first stop is Marangu Gate, where you’ll get information about Kilimanjaro National Park and climbing the highest mountain in Africa. From here, you continue most of your day on foot. You’ll stop at several interesting spots, in an order depending on the time of the year, opening hours, etc.


One of the highlights of your tour are the Chagga caves and their history. The caves (everybody calls them caves but they’re actually tunnels) were dug about 200 years ago by the Chagga, to protect themselves from attacks by the Maasai. In the same place or nearby, you’ll also be able to see a reproduction of a traditional Chagga house.


We’ll organize a coffee experience for you, during which you won’t only find out more about how the coffee beans are grown and processed, but you’ll also get to make your own coffee from A to Z. Traditional style, of course!


If you’re ready for a short climb, we’ll take you to one of the many waterfalls in the area. The trail can be a bit steep, but it’s never far and doable for anyone in a normal physical condition. Please don’t forget to wear good shoes!


Your tour also includes a stop at the local Chagga museum, but please keep in mind it’s not open all year long, so you might not be able to visit it.


And last but not least, during this tour you’ll be treated to a locally prepared Chagga lunch, and you’ll get to taste their favorite drink, called ‘mbege’ or banana beer. They love it, we don’t… but we’ll let you make your own judgement!



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What’s included?


Private transport from your accommodation in Moshi to Marangu and back

English speaking guide

Entrance fee to the Chagga caves, a waterfall and the Chagga museum in Marangu

A coffee experience

Hot lunch in a local restaurant in Marangu

Bottled water

In Tanzania, a tip is expected after your participation in a tourist activity. This tip is not included in your package. The recommended amount for a tour guide is 20-25 USD per day if you’re satisfied, to be divided by all your group members. As we pay a lot of attention to creating good working conditions for all our crew members and making sure they get paid according to guidelines from organizations that defend their rights, we kindly request you to respect this amount for any trip. Thank you!


So, not sure what to do in Moshi in the next couple of days? Send us a message and we’ll make sure you have an amazing time!