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Most Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring?

Not much, remember our trips are all inclusive. We do suggest you bring appropriate clothing to fit the season and a day pack to carry extra snacks and water.

What should I wear?

Wear whatever is comfortable. It is recommended to have a sturdy pair of broken-in trail shoes, boots, or sneakers. It is preferable to dress in layers and wear clothing that will wick away perspiration and keep you dry and comfortable

Do I have to make a reservation or can I just show up?

Yes. Reservations are required for guaranteed spots on all tours. Reservations help us determine the number of guides we need to ensure that our groups remain manageable and enjoyable, and they allow us to notify you of changes to the tour due to weather or anything that could disturb the tours.

What is Tanzania's Climate?

What is Tanzania’s Climate?

Situated in the eastern part of the African continent, bordering on the Indian Ocean, Tanzania enjoys mostly warm weather all year round. The climate varies considerably in this large country, but a tropical wet and dry climate, or tropical savanna climate, predominates. The eastern portion of Tanzania has more periods of rainfall and droughts, while Central Tanzania is predominantly very dry. The main rainy season, or ‘long rains’ in Tanzania lasts from March until the end of May. This is the time when everything turns vibrant green – a great time to see wildlife! Then, between June and August, it is drier and cooler in Tanzania. The beginning of October marks the start of the period of ‘short rains’ during the daytime, with warm summer temperatures. January, February and March are the driest summer months of the year. As your tour will take you to various altitudes, ranging from mountainous regions to lower coastal areas, temperatures will differ. In view of the different seasons and the fact that it can get a little chilly at night, it is advisable to pack clothes that you can layer easily.

Should I print a receipt to show the tour guide?

Should I print a receipt to show the tour guide?

We understand that you may not have a printer handy when you’re traveling so it is not necessary to have a printed copy. However, we require that you show ID matching your reservation and also the Order # that is immediately emailed to you after you make your reservation.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

(high season) 0% refund if you cancel  the  safari 1 month before the  safari,  75%+bank charge refund if you  do cancel  the  safari two months  before   and 100%+ bank  charge If  you  do  cancel  the  safari  within  three months before  the  safari  ,,,,,(Low season) : 0% refund  if  you  do  cancel  the  safari  within  2 weeks, 75%+bank  charge  refund  if  you do  cancel  the  safari  within   1 month,, 100%+ bank  charge  refund  if  you  do  cancel  the  safari  2 months  before.

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How much does it cost to do a private tour?

Please contact us to get the latest information on your desired trip.


If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask!

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